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free planes rc airplane Enter Traner

EnterTrainer Data

  • Overall length — 55 in.
  • Wingspan — 58.25 in.
  • Wing Area — 680 in.²
  • Root Chord — 13.125 in.
  • Tip Chord — 10.75 in.
  • Airfoil (root) — NACA 0016
  • Airfoil (tip) — NACA 25014
  • Dihedral (wing top) — 0°
  • Dihedral (wing bottom) — 1/4 in. (1.8°)
  • Wing Taper (LE) — 2.6°
  • Wing Taper (TE)- 2.6°
  • Weight (glow) — 6.5 lb.
  • Estimated wing loading — 23 oz/ft.²

free planes rc airplane Enter Traner

Other specs

  • Elevator area — 84 in.²
  • Stabilizer area — 64 in.²
  • Rudder area — 30 in.²
  • Fin area — 20 in.²
  • Flap area — 45 in.²
  • Aileron area — 64 in.²

free planes rc airplane Enter Traner

The airplane’s configuration is that of the familiar stick model, with the wings and empennage altered to suit the purpose of this design—that of a stable platform from which to learn the basics of RC model aerobatics.

free planes rc airplane Enter Traner

The wing/stabilizer angle of incidence should be 0°. If your model is built according to the plan, it will be so.

If you’re not an expert RC pilot, it’s best to start with modest throws of the generous control surfaces. About 1/2-inch up and down is good for the ailerons and elevators, while 3/4-inch left and right is good for the rudder. The flaps can be deflected to 45°.

If you’re using dual rates, the high rates can be set up to about 45° of deflection for all surfaces. I would recommend using plenty of exponential because of the size of the control surfaces.

The balance point for first flights should be no more than 3-1/2 inches back from the wing’s LE at the fuselage. After the model is trimmed out, the balance can be adjusted farther aft if you want more control sensitivity.

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