Free plans for KungFu

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Free plans for rc airplane KungFu

Streamer Combat, the hunt for a paper tape at the back of the opposing model, is one of the funniest, most exciting and admittedly most unreasonable varieties of model flying. For this you need two or more like-minded people, crepe paper tapes, a certain freedom from pain, spare propellers and material for emergency repairs on the square. And above all, models that are good-natured, agile and inexpensive, for example a KungFu.

Free plans for rc airplane KungFu

KungFu was designed for streamer combat (old German fox hunting) — but of course, much more. KungFu is fast, easy and inexpensive to build, extremely agile and still always controllable. Speed already promises a moderate motorization. This qualifies the model for club competitions, fun pylon races and youth groups.


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Free plans for rc airplane KungFu

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