Free plans for 3D Foamy F-18

Added by: RC Plane PosterType: SupersonicAutor: Steve Shumate & Levi JordanWingspan: 740Flying Weight: 400Download Free Plans RC Model (1009)Rewiev:

Plans RC aircraft 3D Foamy F-18

Motor set for RC airplane 3D Foamy F-18:

Himax 2025/5300 5.33 Gearbox
APC 8x6E Prop
TP 3s1p 2100

17.8 oz of Thrust
55.2 MPH Pitch Speed
9:20 Runtime
13.5 Amps

Download plans of RC model 3d foamy f-18



EMAX CF2812 1534KV Brushless
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4 X SG90 Mini
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4 X SG92R Mini
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GEMFAN GF 8040 8060
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1pc KMP 8060 8x6E
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Hobbywing Skywalker 2-3S 20A
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FMS Predator 20A Brushless
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ZOP Power 11.1V 1800mAh
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JJPRO-P04 Power 11.1V 2000mah
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ZOP Power 11.1V 2200MAH
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